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A crowdfunded documentary about the effects of privatisation.Details of every country on the world. Pd.pngFirst published in 1970 by Oxford University Press, this classic study has been hailed as "the single most authoritative work on oral literature”. Ccby.pngA wiki that describes thousands of supernatural powers. Ccbysa.png

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The free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Ccbysa.pngThe World Bank Open Knowledge Repository (OKR) is The World Bank’s official open access repository for its research outputs and knowledge products.At, we want to show you the places where the open source way is multiplying ideas and effort, even beyond technology.
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1923: A Monthly Zine of Public Domain Treasures
2012 Holiday Giving Guide
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A Free, Libre and Open Glossary
A Guide To Open Content Licenses
A Mathematical Way To Think about Biology
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ABC's of Anarchy
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Accessibility Sustainability Excellence
Achieving Impossible Things
Against Intellectual Property
Against Monopoly
Al Jazeera
All Right to Copy?
An Anarchist FAQ
An Open Education Reader
An Open World
Archaeology, Anthropology and Interstellar Communication
A survey about copyright in the digital age
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Australian Digital Alliance
Australian Electoral Commission
Authors Alliance
Beginning Titan The Distributed Graph Database
Biodiversity Heritage Library
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Blown to Bits
Bogleheads Wiki
Bound By Law
Creative Commons: A User Guide
CC Government Guide
Center for the Study of Innovative Freedom
Centre For Policy Development
CIA World Factbook
Copyright in databases in Australia An article in a journal.
Clean Energy Wire
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Coase's Penguin
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Code School
College Physics
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